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In the Spotlight: Handwashing

It never sounded like much, but now we all know how long 20 seconds really is. While you’re standing there singing Happy Birthday – or whatever song you have settled on – a couple of times, you’ve probably had plenty of time to think about what’s for dinner or which Zoom background you want to […]

Home Office Lighting & Décor

Interior lighting is an important element of every room in your house, helping to evoke a certain ambiance while also facilitating the function of the space. When it comes to making a home office a place where you can be both productive and comfortable, the lighting design can be key. Designer home lighting can make […]

Create Outdoor Living Spaces with Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is designed not only to enhance the visual appeal of the exterior of your home but also to help you make the most of your outdoor spaces. And if there’s ever been a time to try to get out and enjoy outdoor living spaces illuminated with contemporary lighting fixtures, this is definitely it. […]

How Many “Lightbulb Moments” Did Edison Have?

Talk about an innovative mind! Thomas Alva Edison received almost 1,100 patents in his lifetime. Of course, here at Sculpta Designer Lights, we are most impressed – and grateful – for his many inventions and advancements regarding electricity and electric lights. Edison wasn’t the only one trying to invent a safe and affordable form of […]

3 Books that Will Light Up Your Life

Once you have your lighting design set up appropriately for reading, ideally with designer home lighting positioned behind your favorite chair, it’s time to kick off your shoes and curl up with a good book.    If you’re looking for something to read, we thought we’d share some suggestions. The following books may not be about […]

Interior Lighting for Readers

There’s nothing like curling up with a good book. Of course, the right kind of interior lighting can make a big difference in the enjoyment you get from reading. For example, contemporary light fixtures such as a perfectly placed table lamp or floor lamp will bathe the pages of your book in light. Lighting Design […]

Exterior Lighting for Security as well as Looks

Just because something is beautiful, it doesn’t mean it can’t be extremely practical, too. That holds true for a classic leather clutch, a colorful trench coat or a Camaro convertible and it certainly holds true for designer exterior lighting.  When you are trying to make your home, office, warehouse or shop more secure, the pros […]

Turn Down the Lights for Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Sculpta Designer Lighting, your source for exceptional contemporary lighting, is based in Miami, Florida. Here in the Sunshine State, we are used to welcoming tourists from all around the world. But tourists aren’t the only ones who enjoy our beaches. Every year sea turtles come to our shores to lay their eggs.  Sea turtle nesting […]

Speaking of LED Interior Lighting…

LED has had an impact on lighting design in a number of ways. In addition to the energy efficient properties associated with the technology and the luminosity of the light itself, LED – or light-emitting diodes – can go where ordinary lightbulbs never could. Today’s high-end contemporary light fixtures reflect the incredible design possibilities that […]

History of Interior Lighting: LED Lights

LED lights are the “it” contemporary lighting source these days. They provide beautiful interior lighting while providing energy savings and they last a good long time. What more could you want to bring your beautiful decorative lighting fixtures from Sculpta Lights to life? The technology underlying LEDs was first stumbled upon in the early 1960s. […]